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Christening Sciences

Posted on Thu Apr 12th, 2018 @ 6:52pm by Lieutenant Vespa Kale

Mission: The Junk Heap
Location: Science Bay

The doors refused to open. That was the first sign that something was indeed wrong. Oh, it wasn't that the power was out, or that the servos were jammed with a substance that would require scientists time and effort to designate. No, Vespa thought as she stood before the closed doors of the science labs.

The doors were mocking her.

She tried the override, again, as though a third time would yield success. Another failure. This time, though, she was ready. Well, readyish. She got a decent grip on the edges of the door and while it was distracted by the override, she would pull the doors open. Turns out, all it needed was a little encouragement and then the doors slid open. No harm, no mess, and most importantly, no witnesses as she picked herselves up off the floor. Time to see what awaited her in Science.

Turns out, it wasn't a complete loss like she half expected. The pair walked around the lab making a mental list, noting what needed restocking and what needed out and out replacing. The samples would need to be recycled, and the standard testing molecules would need replenishing. The reaction media needed a complete replacing, while the ..

What was that?

Courage, Vespa. You could do it. You could...

Behind one of the sample jars was a fuzzy thing the size of Vespa's hand. It looked like a spider, if spiders were fuzzy and as big as a hand. Well, they very well could be, so Vespa would later report this intruder as a spider. It wasn't on threat display, just freezing in place as it was discovered. "H.. hey there." Vespa said, as though verbal communication would bridge the species gap. The spider had nothing to say, except to scurry away into a duct. The Dalacari had half a mind to report this to security, but instead she just released the breath she wasn't aware she was holding, and continue her documentation of the state of Sciences.

An hour later, and the mental checklist was complete. Luckily, not everything needed replenishing. Unfortunately, what didn't need to be replenished needed to be replaced. She had her work cut out for her if she wanted Sciences up and running before the day was out.


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