Shit needs Fixed Yesterday!!

Posted on Fri Jun 8th, 2018 @ 3:17am by Captain Calvin Myers & Major Adam Scherr

Mission: The Junk Heap
Location: Captain's Ready room
Timeline: Before "A Little Redecoration"

Adam was hot. He could tell when he came on the ship it was old and seen a few battles but after the toliet in his bathroom backed up and went all over the floor and him he was pissed. He tried putting in a work order and was told someone would be by sometime this week. This Week????? Oh hell no.

Adam got off the turbo lift on the bridge and didn't even acknowledge those on the bridge he made a beeline for the Ready room. He had not meet the man yet, but he was about to. It is customary to chime the door and wait to be invited in. Adam was not in the mood for customs. He pushed the enter button and the door swung open. Adam scanned the room and say the CO. "You the one in charge of this crap show?"

At this point, nothing was really surprising Calvin today, "Would it surprise you if I told you that that was one of the better greetings I've gotten today?" He asked, dryly, taking in the muscle bound jar head before him. That make was intense, even from across the room, but Clavin seemed largely unimpressed.

"Well maybe if the ship was actually up to some sort of code you wouldn't have that problem!" Adam boomed. "And you better talk to the damn yellow shirts if they wanna play games with me and my men, someone is gonna get these hands." As he said the last phrase he clinched his fists and pounded them together.

"If you're trying to impress me with bravado, stow it," Calvin replied, lackadaisically. "I invented bravado. If you're trying to get my boot shoved entirely up your hind quarters, keep giving me orders, and I'll accommodate." He warned. "You must be Scherr... our beloved and lauded MCO," He said, sarcastically.

Oh this was going to be a fun post. One of these holy, my shit don't stink, fleeters. He probably hated the fact that his precious Fleet had to rely on good men ready to do the bad deeds that are needed to keep his uniform all pretty. "I am Scherr, not to sure about the other BS your vomiting out your mouth."

Calvin sat forward and looked at him, "I'm going to try this again. You're my MCO. I'm the CO of this rust bucket, whether I want to be or not. You're not impressing me, nor giving me motivation to do jack shit for you if you're going to come at me like this. How would you feel if I rolled up in your house and started barking at you and telling you what you were going to do? huh? Would that work well for you?" He asked, flatly.

"To be honest that is what usually goes down on a Fleet ship. The Captain runs down and yells at the Marines to either pull him out of a bind or blame us for something." Adam matched his flatness.

Calvin raised two fingers, "You're the second mother fucker today to roll in here and *assume* that I'm going to behave like their old captains because of the title I've got and the pips on my neck. The second asshole that's not even given me the chance to say hello before they start crawling down my throat because 'Well, all my other COs.' Fuck your other COs. Are you going to stow your shit and give me a chance, or am I having you sent to the brig for insubordination?" He asked, his tone deadly serious.

It takes a serious pair to stand up to a man Adam's size. This new CO was either bat shit crazy like him or.... no he is just bat shit crazy. "Slow down Cap. You don't want to go down that route. Let's try this again. Hello I am your Marine CO its nice to meet you, SIR."

Calvin smiled, "Ah, Major Scherr, there you are. Good to meet you," He replied back, as though the rest of the conversation never happened. He stood and offered the man a hand to shake.

He was a fireball and Scherr had a odd attraction to that type of leader. He shook the mans hand. "So rough morning?"

"Safe to say I've had better," Calvin replied, motioning for Scherr to sit. "I hear you've noticed the somewhat... rustic nature of the Century. What bit of rustic can I buff out for you today? I'd love to say I already know the issues your men are facing, but admittedly... that list is longer than the ship it."

"We will be fine, Sir." Adam started to lighten up to the Calvin. "We have bad plumbing on the Marin deck. I can see if I have someone from the team look at it till we can get a yellow shirt down there. Other then that we are working on replicating some more gear lockers. Seems we were allocated enough." Adam thought back. "Now that you mention the rustic look of the ship. Are they serious about us taking this out there and doing any good?"

Calvin sighed and shrugged, "Apparently so. Engineering is backlogged something fierce. I'm going to go down there in a bit and see if I can figure out what's going on, and lend a hand if I can," He explained. "So long as she doesn't blow up the first jump out, I guess we'll be okay."

"Any idea what they have us going to do?" Adam asked not even sure what the perimeters of the ship where.

"Not yet. Initial mission and overall tour of duty hasn't been defined yet. They're probably trying to find something to cut and paste. Writing something new up would probably be too much work," He said with a wry chuckle.

"Well if the ship doesn't kill us my Marines will be ready to assist in any way" Adam said with grin.

Calvin laughed and gave the other man a salute, "I'm betting on your Marines any day," He said. "Talk soon, Major."