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The illogic of Passion

Posted on Thu Apr 12th, 2018 @ 6:49am by Staff Warrant Officer Laura

Mission: The Junk Heap
Location: U.S.S. Miranda/Vulcan
Timeline: Various

5 years ago, Vulcan

Laura sat, on the stones of the planet she was born on. She let her fingers sift through the sand.

She wasn't here on a social visit.

Sitting next to her was a book. A particularly curious device. Laura liked books. The feel of paper, between her fingers. Laura was not a logical person.

Laura wrote books, on occasion. Detective thrillers, written from the perspective of the wily, sexualized point of view of her protagonist, Commander Allison Sinclair.

Laura had an unusual method of investigation. Not everyone agreed with it. Sometimes, when a case confounded her, she would load the basic details of the case, change the names of the people involved, and have the holodeck computer elaborate the case. Then, she would play through the events. Over, and over. Allowing the computer to alter motives, or take new data in to account.

And then, she'd write out the story. Most of the exploits of Commander Sinclair didn't go to press. She only picked the ones that Laura found the most fun, for others to read.

This one, though. This one, Laura wasn't happy about. Not, at all.

Commander Sinclair was a loner, with few friends, yet, through all 19 murders, the only apparent connection to the victims were her, yet she couldn't be the murderer. The computer simply couldn't synthesize the story right.

And Laura couldn't figure out why.

It took an outside observer to explain why.

She picked up the book, and frowned.

"T'Lara. My wife." A voice said, from behind her.

"Savrin." Laura nodded. "My name is Laura. Not T'Lara."

"You will always be T'Lara to me." Savrin noted.

Laura reached in to her robe. There was a phaser there.

"Fun story." Laura said, using humanisms just to piss Savrin off. Her husband expected many things from Laura, and her penchant for looking, acting, and feeling, human was the literal opposite of any of them. "This book, I'm writing. 19 bodies." Laura noted. "The only apparent connection is the investigating officer, who can't be the killer."

"Oh?" Savrin raised a brow. "I am certain it could be." He noted. "After all. Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth."

"Or the distortion of it." Laura retorted. "Very few people know, of course, that Allison Sinclair is Laura of Vulcan."

"T'Lara, what is it you wish to say?" Savrin asked.

"A critic of my work told me what was wrong. There were too many details missing, from the source material." Laura replied. "He then went on to point out that every single murder had been deliberately recreated from previous murders, in the series. I went back. The only murders replicated, were of those from stories in which Allison had intimate relations. Coincidentally, my best sellers. It was also implied, by other members of the investigation, that the obvious suspect was the author."

"It is a logical conclusion." Savrin nodded.

"There is, however, just one flaw." Laura said, withdrawing the phaser, carefully. "A coworker is a fan of a holodeck series, called Endless Fantasy. Apparently, they had a number of problems, with fans of the series. When certain characters were interpreted differently, they were criticised. When specific characters were romanticized, there was a critical failure in the system, as rabid fans of the series killed said love interest. What became problematic, was that this woman had based the main character, a healer, and guardian, of sorts, on herself. In spite of the fact that she was married, her fans who figured this out launched a campaign, with which to break up her marriage. It was then, it occurred to me."

"That I would rather be married to Sinclair, than you." Savrin clapped, slowly. "Very good, T'Lara. For a time, I find you boring. Then, through the bond, I witnessed you writing your third book. Your interpretation of Sinclair was wonderful."

"And, thus, when she had relationships, she was cheating on you." Laura held up the book. "This is the last one."

"What?" Savrin demanded.

"The illogic of passion." Laura said, tossing it to him. "Allison is stalked by a scientist who finds her methods extremely arousing, and, in a very Sherlockian manner, this fan of her work began attempting to romance her, be recreating her past work. She catches him. The series ends with her realizing she was responsible for him killing 19 people. She kills herself."

Savrin shook his head. "You can not do that. You don't have the stomach."

"Savrin of Vulcan. I am arresting you for the murders of 19 people, to be elaborated upon, during official questioning. You have the right to remain silent, however, it may harm your defense, if you do not say something, during questioning, which you later rely upon in court to defend-" Laura began.

Savrin pulled out a blade, and quickly closed the distance between them. He knocked Laura's phaser out of her hand.

However. Laura was a Security Official. She trained combat situations, hard, and often. She side-stepped his knife, and attempted to pull his hand back.

She was not aware that he had tripped, while she dodged his thrust.

His knife went straight through his throat.

"-yourself." Laura finished. "Glad I was recording this." She added, with a frown.

She had never had feelings for her husband. He never seemed to reciprocate them.

His death did not especially feel like a shock, considering what he did.

She sat down, on a nearby rock, and summoned a security detail.

"The imitation killer." Laura said, quietly, staring at his body. "That's actually a better title." She told Savrin's corpse. "Unlike my marriage. The imitation lover."

3 days ago, U.S.S. Miranda

"Moving up in the world, Sinclair." An irritating voice said, from behind her.

The Captain of the Miranda, one Commander Daniel Daniels, was not, as a rule, an easy man to put up with. On top of his normal peculiarities, he was particularly fond of fiction, be they film, or holoadventures.

He had caught her, last week, adapting her very last book to holonovel, and was immediately amused.

"I really do wish you would not call me that." Laura replied, looking away. "The last person to confuse author with character was responsible for 19 murders."

"Wow. I didn't realize you had such passionate fans." Daniels joked.

"I did not. His passion was for Allison." Laura looked down at the table. "As you know, I am being reassigned. It is customary to leave acquaintances parting gifts." Laura held out two gift wrapped books.

"Books?" Daniels laughed. "You're giving me books."

"Open them." Laura replied.

The man opened the first book. "The Imitation Killer?" Daniels asked.

"That's the title I was adapting, last week, for holonovela format." Laura nodded.

Daniels opened the other package. It was a blank, white cover. "The illogic of passion."

Laura nodded. "It's a transcript of the official investigation I based The Imitation killer off of."

"Anything I should know? You're surely giving me them for a reason." Daniels replied.

"Skip to the last chapter." Laura said, before sipping a cup of tea.

Daniels read, in silence, for some moments. "This... Isn't in your recorded case files."

"It was a Vulcan manner. Between a Vulcan killer, and his wife. Savrin was of an influential family. The official details of his death were sealed. They tried to cover it up, so as not to impugn his work in theoretical science." Laura replied.

"So you wrote a best selling book about it?"

"Vengeance is a dish best served in whatever way lets me enjoy my leave time at luxurious spas." Laura replied. She placed the tea cup in the recycler. "Officially, I was not allowed to reveal the truth. The case was redacted."

"And, logically, as a respected author, you could still get the story out, without violating those orders." Daniels laughed.

"There was nothing logical about it." Laura replied. "You really don't know your crew very well, do you?"

"Why, then?" Daniels asked.

"To spite him. His memory. Everything he holds dear. Every damn thing he worked for. And his stupid family. In 15 years, when the publication ban expires, my publishing company is going to issue a twentieth anniversary special book, called The Memoirs of Sinclair, and it's going to reveal how all of Sinclair's adventures were created." Laura smiled. "And then, my dear father in law, and mother in law, can burn in the fire filled pits of hell, for placing the good that his work may or may not accomplish, over the truth those people's families deserved."

"I didn't think Vulcans had a hell." Daniels said, with a laugh.

"They don't."

1 day ago, U.S.S. Miranda Shuttle bay

"Warrant Officer." Her department chief said, with a frown. "You are out of uniform."

"I'm not on duty." Laura replied, simply.

"That makes this situation awkward." The Vulcan noted. "For services rendered to the Federation, and a recognized excellence in your field, the Captain has put you up for promotion."

"He did what?" Laura asked. "I didn't think he liked me, after that one time..." Laura cleared her throat.

"After that one time you caught me sleeping with the Bajoran Ambassador, and were upset, given our previous evening's adventures?" Commander Daniels asked, with a laugh. "That doesn't change the fact that you are a good investigator. It would be entirely improper of me to not recognize your achievements, because of that."

Laura crossed her arms. "Thanks. I think."

"It is my great pleasure to award you the rank of Staff Warrant Officer." Daniels said, handing her the box with her new rank pips.

Laura gave him a hug. This resulted in a very sour face on her section chief. "Thanks. That almost makes up for everything."

"Hey, the day I make up for all the shit I pull is the day we all die. Don't push your luck." Daniels retorted.

Laura looked thoughtful, then nodded, with an amused look. "Can't find the lie."

"You could attempt to have control." Her section chief pointed out, with distaste. "You would fit better in to your new posting, if you attempted to display yourself as Vulcan."

"I will try." Laura retorted. "Since you think it is of value." There was a tone suggesting Laura doubted it would work.

"Nah." Daniels patted her shoulder. "What would Sinclair do?"

"Drink. Probably. I'm terrible at that. Or sleep with someone. I'm not sure that would solve anything." Laura replied. "The Commander has a good point. I don't seem to fit in to places, as me. Might make things go smoother." She added with a hint of deflation, at that admission.

"Or it might just make them worse. I'm sure you will figure out which one, and act accordingly." Daniels retorted.

"Peace, and long life. Staff Warrant Officer T'Lara."

"It's Laura." Laura corrected.

"Hell no. It's Allison Sinclair." Daniels replied, patting her on the back. "Get a move on, toots. You're gonna miss your shuttle." He added, in a passable impersonation of the Italian Commanding Officer, whom Sinclair answered to, in Laura's books.

"Oh. Right!" Laura grabbed her bag, and rushed off quickly.

"You are aware that she could have dislocated your arm, for that." Her now-old-section chief noted.

"Nah. I'm not a bad guy. She wouldn't do that."

"You did cheat on her."

"Hah. That's nothing."


"First guy she dated killed 19 people."

A raised eyebrow left them in silence, as the shuttle departed.

Daniels turned towards the door. "Besides. She's more of a stabbing girl."

"That is not reassuring."

"I had the computer check that she didn't have a knife on her."

"That is even less reassuring."

"I disagree. I was extremely reassured, when the computer said she didn't."


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