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Posted on Wed Apr 11th, 2018 @ 11:27pm by Lieutenant Christine O'Connor

Mission: The Junk Heap
Location: USS Horatio
Timeline: 15 Days ago

Chris let out a sigh as she fell sideways flopping down onto her back, hair spreading out around her as closed her eyes and let the adrenaline run through her veins, her chest heaving as she tried to control her breathing. Few things still got her heart going like sex, fewer still felt as good after reaching that point of adrenaline filled ecstasy. Well one thing still got her to that point regularly but sex as a by product of chasing that was never a bad thing.

"You know..."

"Shush." Chris said as her breathing came under control and she took a final deep breath.

She heard a humph of noise as the bed shifted and the Horatio's Chief Medical officer pushed himself out of bed and stepped into the refresher the door swishing closed behind him. Chris's eyes snapped open as her legs swung over the side of the bed and jumped to her feet. A few quick strides later and she was in the living room of his quarters and at the replicator. Tapping the panel into life she pulled up a list of drug cocktails the Doctor had access to as the head of the ships infirmary, ones that she would never had access to without his codes. Finding the one that she needed, Chris tapped in a series of commands that would replicate the stim of choice in her own quarters. The sound of the doors opening to the refresher carried into the main room as Chris closed out the menu and erased the command log with a tap of a button before she pulled up another to replicate something to drink. "What do you want?" Chris asked as she turned to look at the now clothed Doctor.

"Just something soft." Doctor Henry Callaghan said as he eyed her still naked form standing by the console. "So, this is it?"

"Unfortunately," Chris replied as she replicated herself a Moscow Mule and just a cider for Henry. Taking a glass in either hand, she stepped towards the bedroom, handing Henry his drink as she passed him.

"You don't sound too heartbroken about it." Henry said as he turned and watched as she set her drink down and started pulling her clothes back on.

"Neither of us signed on for anything serious Henry, this was always for fun. Don’t get all sappy on me now." Chris said as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and began to tuck it into her pants. "This was just carnal desires for the both of us."

Henry let out a sigh as he sipped at his drink. "I suppose that was the agreement at the start."

"Start, middle and end." she replied as she grabbed her drink and downed it in a single go. "This transfer will be good for me anyways, I'll have my hands on the controls of a Sovereign class starship."

"I did never give my congratulations." Henry said as he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her. He leaned forward and gave her a deep kiss, "Congrats on the promotion Chris."

"No. I just got dressed." Chris said as she broke away. "Thanks, though Henry. I did enjoy it while we were at it." Stepping around Henry she made for the door.

"Goodbye Christine."

15 Days Later....

Shouldering her bag, Chris stepped off the transporter pad and took in the rather dysfunctional looking transporter room of the USS Century. 'Well shit.' was all that raced through her head as she smiled at the transporter operator and stepped off the pad and headed into the hall. The chaos of the transporter room was not contained to the room, the corridor was a mess, panels off the wall here, stains in the carpet there it looked as if a group of yard engineers had simply decided it was lunch time and left without wrapping up their work. Chris had heard the rumours about what was going on with the Century, who hadn't especially with how scuttlebutt ran through the fleet. Of course, the idea behind it wasn't new, she had heard of ships like that every now and again but had never run into it herself. It made sense that she might be assigned to the ship, her record wasn’t spotless, but it wasn’t that bad; or so she had thought.

She could figure it all out later though, first things first, she needed to get her quarters figured out, after that she needed to figure out a hiding spot for her injector. Then, then she could figure out what the hell was going on with this ship, and why it looked so broken.

Lieutenant Christine 'Chris' O'Connor
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Century


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