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A Civil Introduction. Imagine That...

Posted on Thu Apr 12th, 2018 @ 3:45am by Captain Calvin Myers & Lieutenant Vespa Kale

Mission: The Junk Heap
Location: Captain's Ready Room

Finding her assignment wasn't too difficult. It seemed EVERYONE knew where the Century was. Must have been a prestigious assignment, though why her assessment councilor wished her that much luck was anyone's guess. With a ship this well known, it must have been a shining jewel of ...

That's when Vespa saw it, and all those magnificent hopes and wishes flew out the window like a seagull through a compressed air tube. It looked like it needed help. It looked like it needed an exorcism. It looked like it needed a new ship. Still, it was a posting, and Vespa swore she'd make the most of it. She had hopes, she had aspirations, and she had a few poor marks in her record that a little shiptime could make go away.

With most of her stuff already aboard, it was her turn to board. Everyone was so friendly, and to everyone she met they got the same treatment: A friendly smile cautious not to show teeth, a nod, and a wave. One of her twin forms carried her duffel of personal effects, while the other handled opening doors and greeting people. It wasn't long until she was onboard.

The transition from station to ship was easy to tell: The air scrubbers could use a change. She didn't want to bring it up immediately, after all it was poor form to immediately start poking holes in what was going to be your home too. She caught the uneven floor plate just before she stubbed her toe on it, and was cautious to completely avoid it as the binary form made its way to the Captain's location, which the computer helpfully provided eventually. and she was up and on her way.

She reached the Captain's Ready Room door. She took a breath, each form inhaling and holding for a moment, then exhaling in unison before reaching up to tap the announcer chime. She was ready...

There was a muffled clang some muted voices, then a man spoke, "Come on in, it's open."

The twin forms walked in one after the other as bid, and took up a posture of attention once they navigated inside. "Captain." One of the twins said, "Vespa Kale, your Science officer, reporting and arriving as transferred sir." she stated, while her silent twin offered the PaDD with the transfer authorization. Sent to the Century as opposed to any other ship... gotta be a black mark in that record of her's somewhere.

Calvin was shoulder deep in the access panel underneath his replicator, making a face that indicated he was struggling to keep a hold on something within the panel. An engineering officer was jammed in behind him, only from his mid chest down hanging out, "Gimme like... just gimme a sec, okay?" Cal asked, his voice strained.

What an odd posture to meet one's captain in.

There was a sound, like a PaDD being placed on a desk, before the voice started again, "Anything I can do to assist in the meantime?" she'd give the captain all the time he needed to do... whatever it was he was doing. With an Engineer.

Who was she to judge?

"Clamp it down! That one, there. Clamp that," The engineer said, his voice muffled from inside the panel.

Calvin shifted and regarded the twin feline women before him, "Just sit tight, almost done," He said, then gave an odd smirk, "You going to curse me out, yell at me, or offer me illicit drugs?" He asked, amused.

"I was advised against further fabrication of adrenaline supplements." the other form now spoke, while the initially talkative form took the moment to admire the ceiling a little.

Calvin nodded slowly, "I love this ship," He said, almost to himself before turning his attention back to the panel, "That it?"

"Almost... hold on... hold on... there," There was an odd hum and the replicator came to life.

The CO pulled his arm out from the panel and scooted forward, allowing the engineer to slide on out, "I didn't realize you were so handy with engineering repairs, sir," He said, grinning a little.

"Love it," Calvin replied. "We get this rust bucket air borne, you'll see plenty of me down in the pit," He said, smiling and offering the engineer a hand to shake.

The engineer grinned and accepted to shake, before giving a casual salute, snatching his gear and marching out the door.

"Sorry about that," Calvin offered, motioning toward the seats opposite his at the desk, "Grab a couple seats. Can I get you anything now that my replicator isn't just replicating inedible goo?" He asked, grinning wryly.

Each sat in their own chair, as offered, with a smile on each face. "Not a problem. I nearly stubbed my toe on a loose floor panel on the trip up, so I imagine that the ship is, for lack of a better term, on a shakedown." the pair giggled, though the next time she spoke, her twin was the one that spoke up. "I'm not certain how familiar you are with my people, Captain. I'm a Dalacari. Answering questions is something of a hobby at this point so please, don't feel like..." and she shut up. Boom. Over. Done.

Her twin, ever helpful, picked up the slack immediately. "... you're going to insult me or anything by asking a question. Though to answer your question, I'd kill for some coffee, please. Cup each, two milks three sugars."

Calvin grinned as he put in the order: two coffees as ordered, and an ice cold coke for himself, then turned back, drinks in hand, "I've heard of your race before and I've got some understanding of how you operate, but honestly, it's passing at best. I'm baffled that you're on my ship," He said, dropping the cups in front of the two felines. "Your record is more or less flawless so far," He admitted. "This ship seems to be the destination for officers that don't quite... fit," He explained.

Each accepted a cup in kind, though only one nodded in appreciation. Expected of a Dalacari.

"Well, it's spotless thanks to a technicality. I was reprimanded for the distribution of tailor-made adenosine inhibitors back at the Academy. Might as well be..."

"... direct and honest about it. I would take a cell sample from a student, analyze their endocrine hormonal patterns through genetic calibration, and then produce..."

"... a substance that promotes the breakdown of adenosine. In short, sir, I provided them a substance that would refresh their sleep schedule and keep them awake..."

"... without putting too much strain on their other organs. Though, I never kept anyone awake longer than forty eight terran hours." she stated. In between each switch, the form that was no longer speaking would take a sip of the offered coffee. It wasn't terrible, but Federation replicators weren't up to Dalacari standards.

"I only requested enough currency to replenish my supplies. I never made a profit off of it, and the substances were tailored to the client. I never supplied..."

"... enough for an overdose, and the only danger of an overdose was more days of productivity." she explained. "So, technically, the Academy disciplinary board..."

"... considered me an amateur drug dealer, which I wasn't. I remained clean on the record on a technicality, though a report was filed to accompany my report." she concluded with a sigh. "This..."

"... was the only ship that would take me. In that it was the only ship that didn't immediately reject me." the pair of her almost wilted in the seats.

Calvin nodded, "Gotcha," He said, It was going to take him a bit to get used to the dual speaking, but they seemed to be used to leaning close enough together that shifting visual focus wasn't difficult. He mused that to other Dalacari, it was easier because there was a pair there as well, and each of the pair would track one of the speaking pair. Not so difficult for humans.

"I'm sorry to hear that a technicality effected your chances for a better placement. Maybe you'll like it hear. I'm hoping to get the ship back in better condition as soon as possible," He explained. "We're all a little... off here. Starfleet doesn't see most of us as the best and the brightest... but I think they will," He offered, smiling hopefully.

The pair joined in his smile, careful not to show teeth. "Honestly, starting at the bottom isn't so bad. I know there's a Terran saying about being the low man on the totem pole but I've done some reading and I found..."

"... that if you remove the lower portions of a totem pole, it becomes dangerously structurally unsound." she offered a pair of smirks, "Those low parts are vitally..."

"... important. As for placement, if you'll have me, I'll have Sciences running as quickly as possible. Though I imagine I'll have to negotiate with whatever spiders and..."

"... vermin are possibly calling it home." at that, the pair giggled. "I'll give you my best, sir. That's all I can promise. If you call on Sciences, then Sciences will answer." Sounded like an oath or a pledge if ever there was one.

"I'm not very religious, don't worry about that. Other Dalacari would invoke Dia, and say that it's the will of the ways." to which, both forms of Vespa shook their heads. "I believe in facts."

"And I believe, for a fact, that this is the best place for me right now." The fact that it was the ONLY place for her right now was completely omitted from her rousing speech.

"That's all I can ask for," Calvin replied, nodding. "I'll leave you to it, Lieutenant," He said, being sure to use the singular. "Let me know if there's anything I can do to get you settled," He said.

She offered a pair of smiles, "Thank you sir. If I need anything I know who to go to." she paused, then giggled, "Apparently not Engineering."

Calvin grinned and waved as she left. One good introduction had to count for something, right?


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