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What you meant to say was..

Posted on Wed Apr 11th, 2018 @ 4:52am by Commander Alexandria 'Alex' Harper & Captain Calvin Myers

Mission: The Junk Heap
Location: Personal Quarters of Alexandria Harper

Most of her belongings were there given the amount of crates that were shoved in the corner. Not much, as she tended to travel light, and she wasn't much of the sentimental type. Alex took a moment to shove the furniture not bolted down to the far wall to give her more pacing room, then did just that. Pace. Curse. Fret. She did a few dozen jumping jacks to try and work the edge off of her temper. When that failed, push-ups were added to the cue, then a quick dunk of her head in the bathroom before she finally went about procuring a uniform. That, too, was done with pacing and a great deal of grumbling.

Alex was just pulling her hair back into a ponytail when the chime sounded for her door. "Go away Eric! I'm not in the mood!" She yelled crossly. "Or come on in and I'll chew your ear off! I don't rightly care!"

Instead of her brother, her CO walked in, giving her an odd sort of appraising look, "In the future, if you want a better reception, instead of 'Fuck you.', you might want to start your conversations off with 'My husband was in horrible accident because people were negligent and I don't want that to happen to anyone else.'." Calvin offered, his hands jammed into the pockets of the duty jacket he was wearing. "That... *might* go over better," He said, with just a hint of sarcasm.

Pausing for a moment to peer at the captain, Alex turned away a little and set back to twisting and pinning her hair into a bun. "Yeah, well, for one - I'd have to be talkin' to a reasonable person and not a god complex with legs. Two - I'd have to trust that you weren't. And three - I'd have to believe that you'd care. I had better chances of insulting you into removing us rather than roll the dice on a captain havin' any sort of empathy."

"'God-complex with legs', huh? That's a pretty heavy assumption," Calvin replied, casually, walking further into the room. "What gave you that idea? You certainly didn't give me a chance to prove anything like that to you," He asked.

"No, I didn't," She admitted as she pressed another pin into place. A few wispy bits had escaped the bun, so she wound them around another pin and pressed it into place. "I don't know you from Adam. I have nothing to go on but the kindness shown by my previous bosses and that wasn't jack squat. Not much of a gamble, is it?"

Calvin considered the woman for a second, "Look... I've got no friends in this fight either, okay? I'm not on this ship because people like me and think I'm the best. I'm just here to try and prove them wrong," He explained.

"Wrong about what?" With the last pin in place, Alex turned to face Myers with her arms crossed over her chest. "Who cares what if you get the job done."

"They think I can't do it without losing most of my crew," He explained. "That's why you're all here. You're expendable. To them, not to me," He said, taking a seat on the arm of her couch. "So I have to prove them wrong. I can't just get the job done."

One of Alex's eyebrows raised slightly at his words. "I getcha, I think. I wish I didn't 'cause that doesn't sound good."

"They don't like to spell it out on the orders, you know? But this is the last chance saloon for this crew. For me. Hell, for me it's the only chance they're giving me to lead," He explained.

She was appraising him still, both his words and his body language and Alex wasn't doing a thing to hide it either. Eventually, she made a low grumble and pulled a chair away from the wall so she could sit and talk to him on level. "What are you plannin' to do with this chance? Ship full of throwaways won't give you a lot of go unless you shine 'em up to be diamonds from the rough. That's a lot of work and a lot of involvement."

Calvin considered that for a long moment before taking a deep breath, "Ship full of people at the bottom? There's nowhere for them to go but up or through, and through... well, I won't let that happen. I think this crew is capable. We're all... hurt... we're busted... but we're here. And we're not dead yet, so let's show those bastards up top who they're dealing with, huh?"

"I'm not keen on losing folks just because they're thought to be somehow unworthy. I won't stand for that, so you've got me on that point. Just know that I'm.. protective, I guess. I'm not up for horse and pony trotting them out if they aren't ready and I'll tell you that. Hairbrained scene? I'll tell you that, too. But if you're good to 'em, I'll make sure that you shine. If you're not, I'm not above hiding a body at this point." Especially with Eric on board, Alex thought with a frown. That upped the ante.

Calvin let out a chuckle and shrugged, "I've lost a few already. Missions gone haywire... I won't lose anymore if I can help it, but... if we're the expendables, you can bet that the missions are going to require us to be above and beyond most Starfleet crews if we're going to come out alive," He said, seriously.

"So we make sure that they're up to it. First and foremost, they gotta trust you 'cause that helps them trust themselves. Then we make sure that they're up for it. It can be done. Just means that I need to do the yellin' and such except for the big things." Alex squared her shoulders a little, jaw set. It wouldn't be the first time that she had to be the bad guy.

"I'm pretty good at yelling too, though," He said, a twinkle in his eye.

"Like I said, when it's important. Make it count," she more told than suggested. She caught her breath on the heel of her words and frowned. "So I take it this is you askin' me to trust you?"

"I think that's exactly what it is," Calvin said with a smirk. "Gimme a chance, at least. I don't mind earning trust."

Alex nodded slowly, then extended a calloused hand. "Truce," she agreed, "We can earn each other's trust."

"I'm all for that," Calvin replied with a nod, taking her hand and shaking it firmly. "I promise, I'll do the best I can. Just help me keep an eye on everything, okay?"

"You can be sure of that. I'm a bit paranoid of half-assery and assumptions," sighed Alex. She wrinkled her nose a little, then gritted her teeth. "So, you gonna give me a rundown on just how busted this old broad is or is it kinder not to tell me?"

"I mean... it's not going to explode," Calvin replied. "Most likely.."


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