Best We Can Do

Posted on Tue Apr 10th, 2018 @ 5:33am by Captain Calvin Myers

Mission: The Junk Heap
Location: San Fran, Starfleet Headquarters

Calvin sat staring at the hover cars darting between the buildings, bathed in warm orange light from the setting sun. Any other day, he would have enjoyed the sight. But not today. Today his lips were tight and his brow furrowed. His mind was racing as he put away all of the things that he wanted to say, but knew he shouldn’t. Finally, a voice pierced his mental veil.

“They didn’t want to give you a command at all, Cal,” Rear Admiral Isaac Montez said, sounding apologetic. “It’s not what you wanted, but it’s not the worst thing that could happen either,” He said, trying to sound reassuring.

Calvin spun around, looking incredulous, “It’s a trash heap, Isaac. And you know that. The Century is one of the first damn Sovvies commissioned. She’s over twenty years old, she’s seen a metric-ton of action, and is barely held together with duct tape and bailing wire,” He said, his voice starting to sound raw. “This is ridiculous! I hold the record to successful mission on my academy records and on my command academy trials,” He said.

“Yes, but you also hold the record on most crew members lost in those simulations as well,” Montez replied back flatly.

“That doesn’t matter. Those are fake people, Isaac. It’s bullshit numbers, so I treated it like bullshit numbers. I wouldn’t do that with real people,” Calvin replied, frustrated.

“Then maybe you should have listened when your instructors told you to fake it anyway,” Montez replied.

“And look at this crew roster,” Calvin said, quickly changing the subject and snatching up a PADD off of the Admiral’s desk, “These are bottom of the barrel, Isaac. These are the damn rejects from Starfleet. They’re the ones that no one wants, Isaac,” He said, his brow furrowed into a frustrated scrunch.

“You think they’re going to give you the best and brightest when everything you’ve done seems to indicate that you’ll waste their lives without prejudice?” The Admiral asked.

“But Isaac, they—”

Montez held up a finger and Calvin fell silent, crossing his arms in frustration, “The didn’t want to give you anything, Calvin.”

“This is insulting,” Calvin spat.

“No. This is me pulling more strings than I thought I had to get you something so you could prove yourself,” He said, coming around from his desk and resting his hands on Calvin’s shoulders, “I know you’ve got a good CO in you, Calvin. I know you do. I want you to have the chance to prove it, and yes, the deck is stacked against you here… but I believe you’ve got the spine to do it. Prove them wrong, Calvin.” The older man said, sincerely.

Calvin stared at the lapels on Montez’s tunic for a long moment, Admiral's pips glinting in the warm sunlight, before making eye contact with him again, “You better have the best damn ship in the fleet and the best damn crew in the fleet waiting for me once I prove those old bastards wrong.” He said, that Myer’s glint in his eye.

A smile formed on Montez’s face, “Consider it a promise.”

Calvin looked at the older man for a moment longer, then snatched the assignment PaDD and saluted sharply, “Assignment accepted, sir. With protest.”

“Protest noted. Report to the Century… Captain,” Montez replied, a bright smile on his face, as he returned the salute.

Montez chuckled as Calvin departed his office. That boy was either going to be the best damn CO in the fleet, or they’d never see the Century in tact again… He wasn’t quite sure which.