The Sim

The USS Century is an old ship. She's battered and worn. She's seen death, she's seen life. Wars and peace. She's been called upon to defend the Federation more times than those that have served on her can count, and it shows in her scarred and scorched hull. The brass in Starfleet see her as a junker. She's not important. She's old news. Trash for the scrap yards. They don't see her heart. They don't see the fight still left in her. They see creaking corridors and flickering lights. But her crew does.

Her crew sees it because they see it in themselves. They've made mistakes, they've been demoted, broken down, reprimanded, and left in the bottom of the barrel, until finally they were assigned to the Century as a last ditch before they were discharged. And there they found Captain Calvin Myers, a daring CO marred with a history of taking too many chances in simulations and never being given a chance to shine. But for some god awful reason... he believes in them. And they might just believe in him.

So now, the Century and her crew are out to prove that none of them are ready for the scrap yard. They're out to show Starfleet what they're made of, unconventional though they may be. They won't back down, they won't relent.

They are the crew of the USS Century.