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USS CenturyPegasus Fleet: The Sovereign-class was introduced during the early 2370s, and was, at the time, the most advanced starship design in the fleet.

USS Century: The USS Century was one of the late prototypes for the Sovereign-class of Starships. She boasted many of the technological advances that the final production versions of the ship had, but still lacked in some of the more fine adjustments that marked the final form of the ship. As such, the Century has been refit and patched up more than your average Sovvie. She's also been active for longer than most Sovvies, coming in at 27 years. The Century has seen a lot of front line time, and taken a lot of heavy damage, often being quickly patched and sent back out. A quarter of a century of this and the ship is showing her age. Starfleet was considering scrapping the legacy vessel, but with the need to prove an unproven and little trusted CO candidate, they decided to leave the old girl alive for a bit longer.