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Major Adam Scherr

Name Adam Joseph Scherr

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'8"
Weight 385 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Adam is a mountain of a man. He stands much taller then almost everyone he comes in contact with. While he does way a considerable amount is the example that muscle weighs more than fat. He has massive arms, chest, shoulder, and deltoids.

His beard is far from regulation but is something that the Corp looks past because of his size and demeanor. Adam will never be a poster child for the Corp or brought around dignitaries.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Adam is a very intense man. He believes in working hard and playing even harder. He can be found in one of his two favorite spots. The gym or the Mess. He loves to eat and lift. Because of his size and hyper active metabolism he eats for four normal people. He is very dedicated to the mission what ever it maybe. There is no quit in him. He could be, and has been beaten, shoot, and the edge of death he will win the day and continue the fight.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths is his huge size and natural strength. He also has that new quit attitude and will see the job or mission complete.

Weakness is also his size it makes for tough times in tight spaces and also he sneaks up about like a freight train.
Ambitions To be the biggest baddest Marine around.

Personal History Was born in 2359 in Sherrills Ford, North Dakota. His childhood was spent growing up and helping run his family's cattle ranch. They where simple folks that believed in hard work and a man of their word. He grew up very quickly and was almost always the biggest person in his class starting in the 6th grades he was larger then his teachers. He was active but didn't play sports as he was busy working the ranch.

In High School his studies where average and he found himself being the target of kids that wanted to prove how big and bad they were by taking shots at the biggest guy around. Adam learned early on how to defend himself but had a hard time knowing when to stop. He started to realize he needed to limit things when a group attacked him after school and he sent two to the hospital with multitude of injuries.

After high school Adam followed a few of his classmates and enrolled in Star Fleet Academy. He wanted a change of scenery. While Academy life was different living in the big city and all. He excelled obviously in Security operations.

He graduated in 2380 with the rank of Ensign and was assigned to the USS Wyoming as Assistant Security/Tactical Officer. He lasted all of six months as the Chief Security Officer had a real hard time working with Adam. He was quite a bit smaller and thought the only way he could supervise Adam was by challenging his every move.

After a verbal altercation turned physical. Adam was placed on leave and scheduled for a Court Martial. At the time of the Court Martial the Wyoming's Marine CO testified that the Lieutenant had provoked and started the physical altercation. The JAG board found that while Adam had not started the fight his actions in injuring his superior officer warranted no jail time but instead at the suggestion of Major Carter his commission was transferred to the Marine Corp.

Adam started his marine career in 2382 at a 1st Lt. on Hawking Island as a squad leader. He excelled in the corp. He was a simple man that wanted a mission or goal and then he put in the work to achieve it. While they saw very little action on Hawking Island his squad was repeatedly top squad in all readiness drills. As he grew more comfortable in his spot with the Corp he was getting more and more people in the upper brass talking about his future.

2385 saw Adam promoted to Captain but because his appearance was continually called into questions when he started to grow his beard and hair out he was moved away from the Core planets and sent to serve on the USS Tecumseh patrolling the Gamma Quadrant.

After more then effectively serving as Marine XO and leading many very successful anti-pirating operations he was transferred to the USS Century and promoted to Major.
Service Record 2376- enrolled Starfleet Academy
2380- Graduated Academy assigned USS Wyoming ACSTO
2381- Suspended and Court Martial (Commison Transfered to SfMC
2382- Assigned Hawking Island, 1st LT., Squad Leader
2385- Assigned USS Tecumseh, Captain, MXO
2392- Assigned USS Century, Major, MCO