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Staff Warrant Officer Laura

Name Laura

Position Security Investigations Officer

Rank Staff Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 190 Lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Laura, unlike most Vulcans, took it upon herself, after deciding upon enrolling in Starfleet Academy, to attempt to 'Blend in' to humanity, for the purpose of reducing humor at her "Vulcanness".

Instead of a cropped, utilitarian hair cut, Laura wears her hair at near shoulder length, and even dyes it, from time to time. The hair cut is specifically designed to cover her ears, and she also trims her eyebrows, to hide the typical "uplift" of Vulcan eyebrows.

In a further step from a logical, utilitarian appearance, Laura wears make-up, on occasion, and attempts to put people at ease, by standing in a relaxed pose, and trying to minimize her imposing appearance, by slouching, or wearing slightly loose-fitting uniform sizes.


Spouse Savrin of Vulcan Science Academy(Deceased)
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Laura is an exceedingly questionable Vulcan, in that she does not appear to think like one. She attempts friendly tones. She uses contractions, when she is forcedly thinking she should. She attempts humor, when she thinks it is appropriate.

All of these things, she thinks are "Appropriately logical". A result of her desperate internal struggle to fit in, somewhere. Anywhere. Her attempts usually end up somewhere between "too forced", and "Comical in their attempts", and people tend to include her in to their friendship groups, mostly out of amusement, rather than respect for her, as a person.
Strengths & Weaknesses Laura, despite her appearance, and attempts to maintain a relatively "not Vulcan" aura, is still, inherently Vulcan, with all of the positives, and negatives, that this creates. Her physical strength, and intellectual capacity are above average, but her concept of social groupings is even worse than a standard Vulcan's, because she was forcedly excluded from Vulcan social groupings, during her schooling, due to her status as an orphan.

She also tends to try entirely too hard, to make people like her, or to save them from things they don't necessarily want saving from, and this causes severe interpersonal issues on a routine basis.
Hobbies & Interests Laura spends much of her off duty time, that isn't dedicated to physical health, and maintenance, reading, or playing a harp, to calm her mind. She attempts sociable gatherings, whenever she can find them, and tries to avoid seeming "unsociable", which can mean faking an interest in other people's hobbies, in order to get them to spend time with her.

Personal History This strange young woman had the unfortunate luck to be found, on the door step of an orphanage, with no name, no birth parents on record, no birth date recorded, nothing. She was just dumped there, one night. She was given a Vulcan name, and placed within a Vulcan orphanage.

Growing up in a Vulcan orphanage was a problem, for most Vulcans. No matter what their race, children are horrible creatures, and the child named T'lara was frequently picked on, during her schooling, because it was easy to illicit emotional responses out of her. Most parents taught their children emotional control at a young age, using mindmelds. T'lara did not have that benefit, and had to learn in through more difficult methods.

This, however, evoked a strange effect, out of T'lara, specifically. She chose to stand up to the children picking on her, and the other orphans. She refused to allow them to harm the other children, instead taking the brunt of their bullying, herself. Not because she wanted to do it for her sake. She knew how terrible it made her feel, so she chose to ensure that the other children, especially the younger ones, did not have to undergo such treatment.

Which, quite naturally, was not the Vulcan way. It resulted in multiple letters of concern issued on her file, and her educational records were filled with such negativity, that most Vulcan academies wanted absolutely nothing to do with her.

It did, however, illicit an approved request from Starfleet Academy.

This resulted in a very strange personality shift, in T'lara. She had been more, or less, rejected from Vulcan society, and so she, internally, decided it was eminently logical to attempt to blend in to her new, adopted society. Given that the majority of Starfleet applicants appeared vaguely human, T'lara set herself out on an epic quest.

She adopted a humanized variant on her name("Laura"), and altered her appearance to look more human(Though she missed the part about humans having surnames). She attempted to adopt their mannerisms, and societal habits. She attempted to belong.

And, yet, she did not. This resulted in an underwhelming career, as most of her superior officers hard an extremely hard time taking her seriously, even though she was perfectly capable of doing her job.
Service Record As T'lara of Vulcan
Starfleet Academy
Security Services Training
Forensic Analysis Training

As Laura
U.S.S Francois
Various Enlisted Ranks
Forensic Technician

U.S.S. Miranda
Warrant Officer
Assistant Lead Forensic Technician

Promotional Reassignment
U.S.S. Century
Staff Warrant Officer
Starfleet Criminal Investigative Services Agent Afloat(Security Investigations Officer)