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Lieutenant Melanie Henderson

Name Melanie Henderson

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 138lbs
Hair Color Blue (Natural brunette)
Eye Color blue/grey
Physical Description Melanie has a toned body with ample curves. Her waist-length azure-blue (artificially colored) hair is almost always pinned neatly up in a tight bun while on duty, perhaps in a coiled braid.
Off duty, however, she let's it down.
There are no tattoos visible while Mel is in uniform. However, once out of the stuffy old SF uni, the colorful artwork across her lower back, ankles and upper shoulders is usually visible, given the counselor's choice of dress - anything lose, flowing, gauzy and usually midriff-baring, showing off her collection of naval jewelry.
Melanie usually wore a bell anklet on duty or off and more hoops in her ears than was perhaps SF regulation.


Spouse None
Children None
Father John Allen Henderson, PHD - Deceased
Mother Mary Martha Henderson, Kindergarten Teacher, Retired
Brother(s) Gregory Henderson, 23- Currently incarcerated, serving multiple life sentences. Convicted of murder, extortion, espionage. Plead not-guilty, family contends he was framed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Melanie has a true desire to serve and assist her fellow crew. She immerses herself in the latest therapy techniques, meditates several times daily and tries to keep her aura 'clear' in order to best help her patients. She is always mindful of the state of mind of those sitting before her, however she isn't always the best at articulating at times.
One of her more frequent therapy techniques relies on ancient Earth herbs to help her patients reach a more relaxed state in order to better get to the root of all of their evils.
This practice has had both negative and positive reviews - positive from the crew, negative from mostly those higher up. This process, however, remains highly effective and is still in use currently.
Strengths & Weaknesses Melanie would give you the shirt off her back. Literally. She invests so much of herself into her patients that at times she becomes almost obsessed with their recovery and needs to be pulled out from the rabbit hole she's gone down.
A bit bull-headed in her personal life, the counselor will often ignore advice she's given to her own patients and make the same relationship mistakes (be it friendship or romantic) over and over.
Melanie is loyal to her core. Once you're one of her people you have her loyalty to the bitter end. There is nothing she wouldn't do to make sure her family, friends and loved ones were safe and sound.
Ambitions Melanie is biding her time, making connections in SF, trying to negotiate her way towards finding the people who could help her find out more about her brother's incarceration and the trial that she believe he was framed in.
Aside from that she endeavors to be the best damn counselor she can be.
She also loves growing tomatoes and the fact that they grow upside down tickled her so much she's now taken to seeing how many upside-down veggies she can grow in her office. She's up to 28 different kinds!
Hobbies & Interests Melanie's interests and hobbies include growing an incredibly large amount of veggies in her office for some obscure reason, collecting overly-large throw pillows (but only if they're soft and shades of blue or green), trying ever ice cream flavor that's palatable to humans, writing, reading, making figurines out of old scraps from engineering when she's able to snag pieces (she always asks before she takes them! well.. almost always, just not out loud...)

Personal History Melanie had a very unremarkable childhood. She was born to John and Mary Henderson (2366) after they had been married less than a year. She was their pride and joy, and was dutifully spoiled by them.
She was a happy, healthy and sweet child. It wasn't until somewhere near her 10th birthday that her parents began to notice that Melanie was just a tad more wild than her younger brother. That summer it was like someone had lit a firecracker under their daughter.
She began to get into fights at school, talk back at home, grow sullen and despondent.
Wanting help for their daughter, they took her to a counselor. It was in her counseling sessions that Melanie opened up about the bullying. She realized shortly after how important the work was that counselors did and knew what she wanted to do.
Soon after she began counseling her school life began to improve. She was able to deal with the bully, figure life out at home and soon things went back to normal. For a time.
High school passed with normalcy. She was accepted into SFA. It wasn't until her posting before this, on the USS Journey, that her life fell apart.
Her brother, her best friend in the world, was arrested, tried and convicted of murder,extortion and espionage. He had never received so much as a traffic ticket, so the idea that he could be guilty was beyond the realm of possible.
Service Record 2388-2390 - Residency at SF Medical/Psychiatric (extended internship)
2390-2392- USS Journey -Counselor
2392- USS Century -Counselor