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Lieutenant Clarissa Williams

Name Clarissa Williams

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 165 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Clarissa frequently skirts regulations about hair length, and is known to simply do her hair up, in a bun, if it gets too long, and is commented on. She is particularly self conscious about her appearance, and does, occasionally, spend entirely too much time obsessing over it.

Her obsessiveness over her appearance is not limited to hairstyle, and makeup, however. Exorcise is one of her favorite hobbies, as she insists upon being appropriately fit for her job.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Jeffery Williams(Earth)
Mother Eleanor Williams(Deceased)
Sister(s) Lieutenant Junior Grade Talia/"Thirteen" Troy(Starfleet Security, estranged)
Lieutenant Commander Astra Troy(Starfleet Medical, sister-in-law, estranged)
Other Family Chief Warrant Officer Natasha Nordstrom(Niece)
Ambassador William Nordstrom(Nephew)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Clarissa is a very mercurial, emotional personality, who occasionally has problems containing her temper, particularly in situations in which she has become emotionally invested in. She is warm, friendly, and very rarely judgemental, but occasionally a bit much to be around, simply because of how passionate she can get about things she cares about.
Strengths & Weaknesses Clarissa's primary strengths derive from her obsessiveness. Be it about her appearance, her physical capacity to do her job, or how she appears, to her coworkers, as a competent officer, she obsesses over all of it on a very emotional level.

This also comes with backlashes, however. She can get entirely TOO obsessed with things, and may occasionally neglect things of importance(Read as; Sleep, adequate nutrition), in her search of maintaining her own standards, which has caused problems for her, in the past.

Her emotional investment in the task at hand can also be very overwhelming.

In addition, she also has an inferiority complex, which derives from the loss of her sister at a young age, whom she idolized. After her sister's apparent death, and her mother's resulting suicide, she was left feeling "inadequate", as her father distanced himself from her, and left her feeling like she had to prove herself as good enough, to be worth other people's attention.
Hobbies & Interests Clarissa's hobbies vary from holonovels, of various genres, through work out routines, and combat training. Most of her "off duty" time, is spent maintaining her own fitness regimen, and she rarely has time for more "relaxing" hobbies, outside the occasional bubble bath, when provided with appropriate facilities to do so.

Personal History Clarissa grew up in a warm, and happy household, until she was 7. The battle of Wolf 359 hit her family especially hard, because her much older sister, Lieutenant Talia Nordstrom, of Starfleet medical was presumed killed in the attack.

Upon later discovering that Talia was not, in fact killed, but assimilated, and the person she was, was eradicated, leaving a somewhat cold machine behind, Talia, later choosing to be addressed as "Thirteen", was estranged from the family, at her father's decision. The loss of her daughter, and the "Monster" that she had been replaced with, as Eleanor Williams referred to her, was too much for Eleanor to handle, and ultimately resulted in her suicide, leaving Clarissa more or less alone, with her bereft father, at age 12. Her father became reclusive to his work, and sent Clarissa to live with his parents, and she became increasingly needy for his attention, which left her constantly driven to do better, and to "earn" his attention back. And. It was never enough.

Her enrollment in Starfleet, and subsequent career, had been filled with this theme. She always had to try better. To do better. To be better. And it was never enough for her.

Her attempts at romance have also been made of this theme, occasionally to the detriment of her career, as she attempts wildly romantic gestures, which occasionally backfire, and end in very bad places.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Security Training

U.S.S. Fresno
Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade
Security And Tactical Officer

U.S.S. Fresno
Assistant Chief Security and Tactical Officer

Deep Space 5
Lietuenant Commander
Chief Security and Tactical Officer

J.A.G. Notification
Reduction of Rank
Classified Subject Matter

U.S.S. Century
Chief Security and Tactical Officer