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Commander Alexandria 'Alex' Harper

Name Alexandria 'Alex' Jade Harper

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 150
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel Green
Physical Description Alex is a solidly built woman, tending towards the lanky side with more legs and elbows than is probably necessary. She moves with an air of impatience, makes faces that are far from reserved and drops the occasional hand gesture or curse without quite registering it. She's strong, but not quite pretty. Intense without refinement. Edged, but not tempered. At least on the outside.

She has dark brown hair that is nearly black. Hazel green eyes that run from smoke gray to yellow-green. Tanned skin liberally dusted with freckles. An accent rife with Southern cuss and dirt roads.

When not in uniform, Alex has a favorite worn leather jacket that she likes to wear. It might have once been black, but was now graying with use. She has quite a few tattoos (geometric shape on her upper right arm, black bird on her left foot, willow branch along from Kentucky on her birth month) and several piercings. There are a number of scars that adorn her person.


Spouse Bailey Wade Harper (Deceased)
Children N/A
Father James Harris Kennedy (Deceased)
Mother Kimberly Wright Goodwin
Brother(s) Eric James Kennedy
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Regressed is a good term for Alex. All of the rough edges of her wild youth in rural Kentucky came back with a vengeance after her husband died during a training mission, leaving her widowed not long after marrying her childhood friend. She went from being a fairly outspoken, creative young commanding officer to slightly bitter and easily upset woman swept into the corner of functional, but not wanted.

She's a hard-headed woman, tending towards terse and emotive, with an unfortunate tendency to speak volumes with her facial expressions. She doesn't pull punches, and her current style of negotiating tends to include fists.

After the death of her husband, Alex has grown colder and angrier. She's started off drinking heavily, then backed off for her own good when she realized that she'd gone a bit far. She's still figuring out the long and short of the redirection of her life, but she's at least willing to start thinking about it.
Strengths & Weaknesses S - Rough and tumble: not afraid to get dirty, bloody or rowdy if need be.
S - Strong willed and headstrong
S - Rather adept in a fight
W - Short temper - tends to be confrontational and/or stick her foot in her mouth
W - Propensity towards depression
W - Does not dress up, or take to applied shine for social situations worth a lick. She has never been able to walk in heels, much less remember which is a salad fork.
Ambitions At this point she doesn't really know. Get from day to day? Try and figure out what to do next? Right foot forward then left is about as far as she's gotten.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies - horseback riding, farming, restoring old Earth automotives and furniture, acoustic guitar, fishing, canoeing, metal sculpting

Interests - amateur stargazing, various old Earth rock and country music, vintage racing, agriculture, keeping up with friends and not quite relatives in the marines

Personal History Alexandria Kennedy never liked being called Alexandria. From the time she was four, she called herself Alex and stormed around, making sure that everyone knew it, too. She was a force of nature with pigtails and little pink boots, trying her hardest to be a daddy's girl when he was rarely there. Her father James was a marine: built like a brick and about as good a daddy as anyone could find. She loved him to pieces despite most of her memories of him being brief scheduled calls from off world. Her mother Kim was a rancher, who raised Alex and her older brother Eric on Earth in rural Wheelwright, Kentucky. Their upbringing was far from glamorous, especially after James' death when Alex was eight.

After that came a fairly steady string of man-children that Kim dated that neither Alex or Eric could stand. They took to looking after each other since it was clear that the grown-ups were too busy being the children. As she grew, Alex was sure that she'd be a rancher like her mother. Something about how stupid antics would get Kim and boyfriend of the week killed and someone would have to run the farm. About her mid-teen years, she realized that she just didn't care that much about the ranch. She wanted out of Kentucky. Out of the South. Just anywhere that was gone.

Eric was hellbent on following after her father's footsteps, as was his best friend, whom Alex adored. When they went off to join Starfleet, she followed along with an equal interest in competing with the pair and further flirting with Bailey. All three made it in, though they didn't stay together for long. Eric and Bailey were shoe-ins for the marines where Alex was gently guided towards a path in security where she was groomed and prodded and convinced that she had command potential. The Academy was difficult but rewarding in the sense that it gave her direction that wasn't skirting the edge of her mother's self-destructive path.

And then there was Bailey, who even though he and Eric were pressed into service much faster than she was, made sure that every leave possible was spent with her. They married the night of Alex's graduation and spent a very brief honeymoon locked in a hotel room before Bailey had to leave again.

That was how her childhood replayed itself: with the there and gone again husband for the first two years. There were careful conversations and knowing looks traded over long distance comms that brought more of an understanding about her parent's relationship. Once they managed to both get assigned on board the USS Forrester, Alex thought that it'd solve things, but it didn't. Now there was even more that he couldn't tell her. They remained tighter than tight, but with such a huge gulf between them that neither could broach. Both would discuss the end game: the retirement to some small moon with pretty hills and a farm to raise kids and horses on. Nothing like Kentucky with all of its ghosts.

Shortly after Alex was made XO of the Forrester, Bailey was killed in a routine low altitude planetfall exercise along with a new recruit. Their bodies were recovered- then a string of mishaps and errors uncovered- and Alex raged. Rather it was to higher-ups or technicians or doctors or counselors or even the bottom of a bottle, she didn't care so long as somebody heard her. In the words of her former CO, 'her calm had snapped' and all that was left was jagged, ugly pieces. Rather than continuing to bear the living pieces of fault and fury, both the marine CO and Alex were transferred to other ships.

Then again, though not for long after the USS Worthington's CO found that Alex had pulled up some, but not enough for his liking. Then the Clio. Then the Betwa. She was passed on again and again for being too sharp, too irritable, too something until finally being dropped on the Century's manifest.
Service Record 2379 - Starfleet Academy
2383 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
2384 - USS Dagestan - Security
2386 - USS Forrester - 2XO, Security
2390 - USS Forrester - XO
2391 - USS Worthington - XO
2391 - USS Clio - XO
2391 - USS Betwa - XO
2392 - USS Century - XO