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Name Danaea

Position Chef

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ferengi
Age 103

Physical Appearance

Height 4'9"
Weight 12st 2lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Danaea was once famed on Ferenginar as a d├ębutante; her shapely, well-maintained lobes were the envy of many, while her eyes, a steely grey, were beset with a mischievous streak that would entice as well as enchant. Despite her small stature, Danaea is in the prime of her life at the age of a hundred and three and surprisingly quick on her feet. In fact, some say she manages to be everywhere at once, except when needed. Danaea favours black, and dresses in long, flowed garments that often give the impression she is gliding, an unnerving experience for the unfamiliar. Danaea is something of a trend-setter, and is one of the few members of her species daring enough to wear her pockets on the inside. Off-duty (and strictly in private), she reverts back to the traditional style of wearing nothing!


Spouse K'tarn [div.] Resuup [div.] Tre'veren [div.] Enir [dec.] Pumal [unk.]
Father Brenis [dec.]
Mother Keyva
Brother(s) Klenik
Other Family Uncle Buba

Personality & Traits

General Overview While Danaea would never say no to large stack of gold-pressed latinum, she prefers to collect information from her patrons, sucking them dry with the help of a large bottle of synthale. While her words are calm, cool and soft, her eyes are always ablaze with curiosity. Danaea has a sharp mind and an equally sharp d'k tahg hidden behind the bar (her long years have gifted her with enough common sense to keep a weapon nearby at all times). She is generally unafraid and willing to stand up for morality, even at the cost of profit. Her foray into life as a Starfleet chef has seen her adapt quickly to her customer base, with her stalwart nature in often common with her Federation hosts, something she regards as a somewhat useful marketing tool. With all of her eccentricities aside, Danaea is a charming host and can be good company for the lone patrons of the bar, often smiling at her own jokes and seeking great pleasure in the finer culinary arts.
Strengths & Weaknesses Danaea keeps her true physical prowess a well-guarded secret, save the odd occasion where an unruly patron would find themselves thrown out the door by the scruff of their neck. Her physique is vastly overshadowed by her abilities as a chef; she has an expertise in the culinary range of several species, with Earth being her favoured choice. Danaea is is also considered to be something of a beauty on the homeworld, with the charm offensive often proving successful when dealing with Ferengi males in any given situation.

For a millennia, and until recently, her biggest single weakness, at least in the context of Ferengi society, was her gender. Until Grand Nagus Zek led a movement aimed at reforming cultural traditions, women were treated as second class citizens, forbidden from earning profit, wearing clothes or even owning property - the female was essentially the property of their husband, with no right to inheritance. When the attitudes of her government finally progressed and lifted the restrictions placed on women in society, Danaea, along with many other females, took the opportunity to spread her wings and explore new vistas, and finally earn a profit for themselves.

Danaea is loathe to admit her weakness for men; while she has no children to speak of, she has had no less than five weddings over the course of a century, and is totally unashamed of it. Danaea is also completely void of any sort of tact, and will only tell the truth if it suits her needs. Behind her charming smile is a devious mind that takes pleasure swindling some of her more gullible customers. She is often unhelpfully vague even in the direst of situations, and views Starfleet and the wider Federation as a market base, nothing more. Danaea's perspective is often clouded by delusions of self assurance; she frequently mis-judges the motives of others and will stubbornly stick to her own conclusions, even when presented with the facts.
Ambitions From a young age, Danaea has held a strong belief that she could be more than the sum of her parts. Like many of the females of her race, she is bold, excitable and incredibly astute when it came to managing her finances. In tune with the majority of Ferengi, profit is the main driving force behind many of her decisions in life; the acquisition of wealth is to a Ferengi what exploration and discovery is to a Human, the epitome of existence. The multi-cultural environment of a Federation starship will give her a useful insight into consumer habits from across the Quadrant.
Hobbies & Interests Danaea is equally comfortable in the throng of a large crowd as she is curled up by the fire with a good erotic poetry novel. Aside from being a masterchef, she is a talented mixologist and is ever experimenting with and sampling her own original cocktail recipes. While she adores the finer things in life and is not overly conscious of her figure, Danaea does love to trek amongst nature, and has a particular interest in skiing.

Personal History Danaea was born on Ferenginar in 2290 at the St. Galius the Golden Infirmary, in the city of Dy'jor.Her father, Brenis, was a highly successful trader in spice, and later a high ranking member of the Ferengi Commerce Authority. Brenis held a fearsome reputation within the FCA as tough negotiato. He was credited for his key insights during the Great Regrowth that followed a century of economic stagnation on Ferenginar. Thus he remained distant from the family, leaving heer mother, Keyva, the mammoth task of raising three boys as well as Danaea. It was her mother's stalwart approach to life that would later prove to be a defining influence on Danaea.

The family was extremely well off and lived in opulence. The manor house in which she was raised was fully staffed and had everything a wealthy aristocratic family needed, including a marvellously huge kitchen in the basement. It was here at the age of five she discovered her love of fine cuisine; a dinner party hosted by her father meant the fine china was out, and the finest meals were prepared. Grub worm soup, joosi bug dumplings and home-baked kosa berry cakes were just a sampling of the menu that day. Danaea, bold as she was, felt impelled to explore the pantry and delighted in feasting upon the glorious spread that was waiting to be served upstairs. Rather than being angry, her mother was simply amused, and somewhat relieved at not having to rear yet another picky eater. From then on, Danaea's mother would allow her to sit at the kitchen table whilst the cooks prepared meals, which quickly evolved to her full participation in the exercise.

Danaea soon realised she was the smartest of the four children, and despite being the youngest, she was quite clearly the leader of the group. Her brothers, while certainly fun-loving and profit-driven, were not up to scratch when it came to proper monetary wisdom. Thus, once her brothers had established commercial dealings of their own, it fell to Danaea to organise their invoices and file their tax forms, a task which she enjoyed, albeit under strict secrecy.

Like every other Ferengi, Danaea pommelled through her teen years; moody, vivacious and hormonal, she went through many phases, from daring to wear a scarf around her neck in public, to a series of brightly coloured wigs of varying sizes. It was at the age of fifteen when she first realised the limitations of her gender within society. One afternoon, she had the brilliant idea that involved making a profit from her oka nut tarts, a flavour that had even impressed her father. Ignorant of the taboo that society placed around women earning profit, Danaea took to the markets of D'jor with a cart-load of freshly baked tarts. Within minutes of her arrival at the market, she was accosted by passer-bys, many of whom were happy to voice their protestations with some of the cruellest jibes and jeers. Devastated and embarrassed, she returned home, only to receive a lecture from her father in "proper mannerisms" and "social etiquette". Free spirited like her mother, Danaea simply ignored her father's words and much to his ire, continued to visit the market, peddling her pastries to any that were tolerant enough to buy her wares. After many years spent fruitlessly marketing her produce to a mere smattering of people, she eventually gave up in disgrace, and promptly threw in the towel, much to the dismay of her mother.

As Danaea matured through adolescence, her beauty only grew in magnitudes. Suitors from across Ferenginar offered dowries of incredible value. While flattered, she found her desire to earn a profit tempered by a yearning to explore the more indulgent and pleasure-loving side of her personality. She chose her first husband, Pumal in 2315. Pumal was a moderately successful insurance broker that shared Danaea's passion for good food. While the beginning of the relationship was a passionate, heat-fuelled period of Danaea's life, the fires of the marriage burnt quickly, and Danaea soon found herself in a loveless union. Pumal was a frequent visitor of the local bath house. Danaea was ignorant for a time, but word of her husband's philandering escapades soon passed through her ears. Furious at his betrayal, she promptly emptied the safe of every bar of latinum it held, and fled Ferenginar aboard a freighter bound for the Orion sector.

It was here she spent much of her adult life; using the latinum she had stolen from her ex-husband, Danaea created established a small restaurant bar, "Kavala's", on the Orion homeworld. Free of the restrictions of Ferengi gender discrimination, Danaea was, for the first time, able to earn a wage for herself, purchase property and acquire assets. Drawn to the varied landscape of a world teeming with different species, her curiosity was piqued on numerous occasions throughout her tenure on Orion. A newfound sense of liberation brought about a change in her behaviour, particularly her taste in male company. In the fifty years spent as the proprieter of Kavala's, she witnessed an assasination attempt on a Romulan senator, hosted three Klingon funerals and baptised a cow that was owned by Crown Prince of Tellar. During her time on Orion, she married a further three times. While her second husband, Enir, died of natural causes after a happy marriage that lasted twenty six years, the third and fourth marriages were not so delightful. In 2369, following yet another failed partnership and with a heavy heart, Danaea liquidated the assets of the restaurant she had painstainkly built from the dirt for almost six decades.

Using her considerably fortune to purchase a small, warp capable ship, a huge stack of novellas and transcipts from her apartment, and enough supplies to last for months, setting off across the quadrant on a search for new commercial basin. Danaea soon, however, found her severe lack of piloting knowledge a considerable hindrance to navigation; she somehow managed to wind up on Qo'nos, over a year after had she initially set out on her voyage. Danaea admired the severeness and direct nature of Klingons, and soon found refuge with an esteemed member of the Klingon High Council, K'tarn. Danaea, now somewhat world weary, was happy to assume the role of a traditional wife for K'tarn. While this marriage also eventually ended in divorce, Danaea always felt the strongest and most enduring love for K'tarn.

In 2392, Danaea, now alone again at the age of one-hundred and three, made a silent commitment to focus purely on maximizing her proft margains. With the Social Reform Act of 2385, restrictions that had been placed on the commercial activities of Ferengi females were finally lifted; women were now permitted to inheritence, procure assets and, most important of all, legally earn profit. Despite all this, Danaea still felt that not quite enough time had passed for her to even dare to venture anywhere near the homeworld. Rumor had it that, for a time at least, Danaea's name had been blacklisted on the Commercial Database. Reforms or no reforms, every Ferengi knew that being blacklisted meant social suicide for even the most affluent.

Fortunately, her skills as a chef had only improved over the years. Word of her famous clomberry and custard crumble reached the ears of starship captain Calvin Mayers. The Federation, while often cited as a rudimentary, money-less society, did still feature provisions for commerce using the standard credit. Figuring it would be a safe testing ground for some her newer recipe ideas, she gladly accepted an offer from Captain Mayers to run the messhall of the Sovereign class USS Century.