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Lieutenant Christine O'Connor

Name Christine O'Connor

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 121Lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Christine, or Chris as she prefers to be called, is of average height for a human female of her age though a wiry yet deceptively muscular build thanks to years of obsessive working out and service within Starfleet and a somewhat unnatural metabolism that never seems to let her gain any weight. With long dark red hair bordering on brown hair that reaches down past her shoulders framing her freckle covered face, Chris has often been described as a rather attractive woman, something she has more than once used to her advantage throughout the years.

While on duty, Chris wears her hair down and free-flowing never having been one able to tame their own hair she simply finds it easier. Uniform wise, she prefers to wear a duty vest with an overcoat that is left open, which she says is due to functionality but in reality, simply because she thinks is cool.

Off-duty, Chris wears whatever strikes her mood, somedays it’s a flowing summer dress, the next a pair of jeans and a tucked t-shirt.


Father Michael O'Connor
Mother Saoirse O'Connor

Personality & Traits

General Overview A reckless adrenaline junkie, Chris has little to no limits in what she will and won’t do to get that next big thrill, something that has always been her downfall. With a highly addictive personality and loose to little morals, more than once Chris has gotten herself into serious trouble because of a want and no regards to how she filled that want. Loud and outspoken with little regard for any kind of rule, the only thing that makes up for her disregard for any type of command structure is the fact she is an outstanding pilot, truly one of the best in her year able to pilot almost any craft that Starfleet can replicate.

Despite her outspokenness and crass personality, Chris has an excellent ability to manipulate when she needs something. Her personality almost changes at a whim to caring and soft and once she has what she needs turns again.
Strengths & Weaknesses + An outstanding pilot

= Crass and blunt

- Addictive personality
Ambitions To get clean and stay clean. That, however, seems like one of her least attainable ambitions at times considering she has been able to get clean twice now only to relapse a few months later. Because of this, she has no real idea of what she wants professionally as everything has blurred together.
Hobbies & Interests Anything that can get her adrenaline going. A true adrenaline junkie, she enjoys fast vehicles of any kind, sky diving, fighting, etc.

Personal History Born in the tiny town of Doolin, Ireland, Christine has always been the type that thirsted for more within her life. A sleepy little town who’s only claim to fame was the nearby Cliffs of Moher, life was far too slow for the fun loving, adventure seeking little Irish girl.

From a young age she was constantly getting into fights to see who she could beat, hitchhiking, running, playing any sport under the sun that she could, anything that got her heart racing. She even jumped off the cliffs once though she got in a little more trouble than she expected for that one considering the Cliff’s history. She became a bit more focused as she entered her teens though when she discovered the ultimate rush, flying. To be in control of one of the fastest little crafts available, throw herself through 6G turns and dodging death, and the easiest way to be able to do that, joining Starfleet. With a purpose and a focus, Chris’s life become one of study and schooling with the occasional far to dangerous day out. By the time she was 17, she had graduated early and already been accepted to Starfleet academy.

Chris’s time in the academy was brief if nothing else. Joining in early 2373 and on the pilots tract from the beginning, with Starfleet in desperate need for pilots in a increasingly dwindling supply of cadets for the Fighter program she transferred and was accelerated through her schooling along with most in the program, completing her schooling in a scant two years and graduating in early 2375. Assigned to the USS Invincible a Akira class carrier to their Peregrine wing, Christine got her first taste of combat within days as the small carrier group engaged a wing of Cardassian ships near the border escorted by Jem’Hadr fighters.

If you asked Chris and she was honest with you, this would be where her life took a turn. Her CAG, a veteran pilot who had survived the entirety of the war thus far brought her into the secret of their wing’s high survival rate compared to most of the fleet against the aggressive and excellent fighters of the Jem’Hadr, stims. A chemical edge that centered the pilots and focused them heightening their senses and increasing reflexes. Something he didn’t tell her though, was its addictiveness, which combined with her own addictive personality to adrenaline meant she was quickly hooked. Despite it all though, it worked, and by the end of the war Chris was a multiple Ace who survived the intense battle of Cardassia no small feat considering the attrition rate of pilots in the battle.

From that point on, despite no need for them, Christine regularly took the Stim cocktail that allowed her to keep her edge. She would continue to serve within the fighter corps for another 5 years staying with the Invincible the majority of the time until her transfer from the Fighter corps into the fleet regular at which point she took on the role of a Conn officer.

Transferring to the USS Dartmouth and taking on the role of the Gamma shift Conn officer, it was aboard the Excelsior cruiser that she got clean for the first time. It took months of work and more than a few attempts at finding other ways to fuel her addictive personality with some adrenaline filling type personalities. This worked for a time, orbital diving, flying older earth jets without safeties on in the holodeck, you name it she tried it. None of it ever really filled the fix for her, and several months in she relapsed. Whilst her work improved thanks to the improved focus, her social life decreased, if she ever really had one to begin with.

Everything became a blur in her life since then, there was another attempt to get clean, another relapse, a promotion here a promotion there. Now, after her most recent promotion Christine has been assigned to the USS Century.
Service Record 2373- Entrance into the Academy
2375- Truncated Schooling, graduation from Fighter program
2375- Fighter Pilot - USS Invincible
2380 - Transfer to the Fleet - Conn Officer - USS Dartmouth
2383 - Promotion to Assistant Chief Chief Flight Control Officer
2385 - Transfer to the USS Canterbury
2389 - Transfer to the USS Horatio - Promotion to the Chief Flight Control Officer
2392 - Transfer to the USS Century - Chief Flight Control Officer