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Captain Calvin Myers

Name Calvin Myers

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 200
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Calvin keeps his hair close cropped and neat, and is almost always clean shaven unless he's off duty, then a slight stubble can sometimes be seen. On duty, his uniform is always pristine, a stark counter point to his off duty preference of a lose t-shirt and jeans.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Alex Myers (Biomechanical Engineer)
Mother Megan Briggs-Myers (Pre-K School Teacher)
Brother(s) Isaah Myers (Fire fighter, New York)
Sister(s) Nichole Myers (Tap instructor, Paris)
Stephanie Myers (Cross-country Skier, Olympian)
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Calvin is known for that "Myers twinkle". It usually appears right before Calvin decides to do something daring and/or stupid. He firmly believes that without risk, there is no success, and he leads that way. He works hard to minimize any harm done to those around him, but he doesn't believe in a no-win situation. There's always a way, it's whether or not the risk is acceptable or not. In his personal life, Calvin is much more relaxed, an odd dichotomy noted in his file. The Academy therapist assumed that it was an subconscious way for him to unwind from his high paced chain of command. Calvin never really had considered that, but it made sense. He is quick to befriend, and loyal to his friends to a fault, and loves spending time sight seeing on foreign worlds, any chance he gets.
Strengths & Weaknesses Calvin's greatest strength has often been called his greatest weakness as well. He pushed for victory at every turn, fighting to keep his people safe, but refusing to fail at the same time. It's marred his Starfleet Academy education with heavy losses in simulations, despite an overwhelming success rate. In his personal life, he's surprisingly shy in one on one conversations, a far cry from the confident and self-assured CO his crew are used to. In larger settings, he does fine though. He has worked passed an old childhood trauma from being accidentally locked in a trunk and left there over night. The uneasiness in the dark is still there, but he moves past it, and thankfully, the claustrophobia is all but gone.
Ambitions To help people. He doesn't care in what way, but he wants to find worlds, save lives, and do good things. He wants to leave a legacy that his children and family will be proud of, and if h doesn't go out in a blaze of glory doing that, to retire with a head full of stories to tell his grandkids.
Hobbies & Interests Calvin has a guilty pleasure in old earth movies and music. He loves to rock climb, play rugby, and get in a round or two on old earth arcade games. He is heavily interested in starship engineering and loves spending time down in engineering poking around at whatever the CEO will let him during his off hours.

Personal History Calvin was born just outside of New York City to a loving, yet highly competitive family. Calvin is the youngest of four, and quickly established himself as the family daredevil. He loved the adrenaline and wasn’t afraid of the danger. He saw his fair share of broken bones and sprains growing up, but his family was always there to scoop him back up, put him back together and challenge him for the next run. He lived for it.

As he got older, his attention turned to the stars. Watching the shuttles leave from New York and seeing the massive Starfleet explorers docking in high orbit like glittering diamonds in the sky set his imagination souring. It wasn’t long before he was done with high school and traveling to the Academy.

Calvin’s time in academy was tenuous at times, as his high risk attitude didn’t mesh well with his instructors more cautious approach. He passed the classes, but with negative remarks about his methods in just about every class. He graduated by the skin of his teeth, and began his tour of duty aboard the USS Armstrong.

Calvin completed his final round of command training while serving as the 2XO on the USS Odyssey, and began applying for a command. Operations had him running madly around the ship and with his hands in just about everything, which was just fine with him, but he’d earned a taste for that center chair. He wanted to be calling to shots from the center chair.

Year after year, all he received from Starfleet command was silence until he heard from an old friend from the Academy, Rear Admiral Montez. It wasn’t the assignment, he wanted, but he wasn’t going to turn it down. The USS Century was in bad shape, and his crew was nothing short of Starfleet rejects… but he’d make it work. He’d show them he was worth their faith.

After all, he was all about risks.
Service Record Star Fleet Academy - 2378 - 2382
USS Armstrong – Ops Officer - 2382-2387 (Lt. JG)
USS Oddessy – Chief Ops/2XO - 2387-2389 (Lt.)
USS Stardust - XO - 2389 - 2392 (Lt. Cmd)
USS Century - CO - 2392 - Present (Cmd)